Ohio Long-Term Care Research


Ohio, along with the nation as a whole, is aging. Ohio had more than 1,622,000 people over the age of 65 in 2010 (14.3% of the total population) according to the 2010 Census. Ohio ranks sixth nationally in the total number of people over the age of 65. 


The Ohio Long-Term Care Research Project provides applied research, policy analysis, technical assistance, training and education for Ohio legislators, public administrators, service providers, and the community at large. The primary goal of the project is to provide the information needed for effective planning, program development, and policy-making.

The focus of our research is health and long-term care in Ohio and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Long-term care system policy issues such as financing, delivery, planning, and projections of long-term care needs among the older population;
  • Individual-level questions including the experience of receiving long-term care services, meanings of disability, individual planning and decision-making for long-term care, nursing home and in-home services use patterns, and health behaviors;
  • Formal care provision, including staffing issues and service provision;
  • Informal and family caregiving; and
  • Comparative studies of health systems and long-term care.

Project Staff:

Bob Applebaum, Ph.D.,

Director, The Ohio Long-Term Care Research Project

Shahla Mehdizadeh, Ph.D.,

Senior Research Scholar

Jane Karnes Straker, Ph.D.,

Senior Research Scholar

Ian M. Nelson, MGS,

Senior Research Associate

Karl Chow, MBA,

Research Associate

Lisa Grant

Program Assistant

Updated: 08/2012

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